Sister Wives: What To Know About Gwendlyn & Beatriz’s Relationship

Gwendlyn Brown from the TLC series Sister Wives, and her girlfriend Beatriz Queiroz are engaged after being together for less than a year.

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown is engaged to her girlfriend Beatriz Queiroz, but the pair haven’t been together for very long. Gwendlyn is the daughter of Kody and Christine Brown, whose 27-year marriage ended in November 2021. Despite the breakdown of her parent’s marriage, Gwendlyn is hoping for a better outcome in her relationship with Beatriz.

Up until a recent episode of Sister Wives, Gwendlyn, who said Christine is “partially gay,” hasn’t shared much about her dating life or her sexuality on the show. She stated in one of her confessionals, “I’m bisexual. I’m not only attracted to women. I’m also attracted to men and people that fall into other gender spectrums.” Gwendlyn and Beatriz have been setting and reaching milestones together, and fans have been loving the journey they have shared so far.


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Gwendlyn & Beatriz Started Dating In February 2022

In May, Gwendlyn shared her first picture on Instagram alongside Beatriz, essentially launching their relationship. The Sister Wives star shared a series of photos of her and Beatriz beaming from ear to ear. Gwendlyn confirmed her relationship status with Beatriz in September, revealing that they celebrated their six-month anniversary. “Recently celebrated our 6 months! she made chocolate fondue and i lost my mind at her planning skills,” she wrote in the caption. The duo later attended her brother Logan Brown’s wedding in Arizona in October.

Gwendlyn & Beatriz Announced Their Engagement

The 21-year-old announced her engagement to Beatriz in November alongside a series of photos from the special day. Gwendlyn wrote in her caption, “i’m engaged!!” alongside a diamond ring and green heart emoji. They captured the romantic moment in sweet snaps, giving fans a glimpse of the emerald engagement ring that Beatriz had given Beatriz. The engagement was a long time coming, as Gwendlyn revealed that the couple had moved in together in August.

The Sister Wives family has been incredibly supportive of Gwendlyn and Beatriz, who have become a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community. Following Gwendlyn and Beatriz engagement announcement, many fans took to social media to congratulate the couple on their big news. The couple’s commitment to each other is inspiring and provides an example for those looking for love outside traditional gender roles. Gwendolyn and Beatriz’s relationship is a testament to the power of true love as they continue their journey together through life’s difficulties with unwavering support from each other and those closest to them.

Gwendlyn and Beatriz are deeply in love, and many Sister Wives fans have already rooted for their success as a couple. The family has been incredibly supportive of the pair, creating an inclusive environment that reinforces the idea that all forms of love should be embraced and celebrated. Christine and Kody’s daughter Gwendlyn and her love story with Beatriz is an example for others looking for the same unconditional acceptance and support in their own relationships.

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