Sister Wives: Why Fans Feel Meri ‘Weaponized’ Her Fertility Issues

Some Sister Wives viewers feel that Meri Brown used her past infertility issues to garner sympathy from Kody Brown and the rest of the family.

Over the years, Sister Wives fans have noticed that Meri Brown weaponizes her struggles with infertility in such a way that it looks like she is trying to garner sympathy from Kody Brown. The two have been in a loveless relationship for years, with Kody finally admitting he no longer feels married to his first wife. Meri has continued to hang on to hope, but many viewers feel it is a waste of time.

After re-watching earlier episodes of Sister Wives, fans have made some exceptional claims regarding Meri. Funsizenotshorty noted in a Reddit discussion that they “really hate how Meri weaponizes her fertility issues.” The eagle eye fan noted that, while watching older seasons, it became apparent that anytime criticism came Meri’s way, the mother of one would bring up her inability to have a big family. While many agreed that it must have been hard to not be able to have more children, others found it problematic that Meri used her issues to guilt others around her to cave to her demands.


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Sister Wives Viewers Have Always Disliked Meri Brown

Sister Wives Robyn and Meri Brown on couch as Robyn makes a face

It was agreed upon within the thread that Meri shouldn’t have used her fertility struggles in this way, with other viewers pointing out that Meri has been “insufferable” for years. Many Sister Wives fans believe Meri to be catty and miserable noting she has a “mean-spirited vibe” about her. One Reddit user even compared Meri’s personality to Eeyore’s. For years, Meri has distanced herself from other members of the family only to then question why no one wants to be around her.

Currently, Meri is trying to help Robyn piece back their crumbling family. Sister Wives viewers watched as Meri opened up about not really caring that Christine is leaving since she does not have a meaningful connection with her. Christine has been open about her decision to leave Kody after 25 years. The only other person who seems to understand Christine’s side is Janelle, who has also been open about their issues.

Sister Wives fans are enjoying watching Kody have a major meltdown this season. He has already tried to manipulate Christine into doing what he wants to no avail. Surprisingly, Meri has found herself back in Kody’s good graces. However, he still doesn’t want a romantic relationship, noting the best they can hope for is a friendship. It is safe to say that Meri is stuck in her position, as it doesn’t look like she knows how to embrace the positive in her life without making those around her feel guilty.

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