Sister Wives: Why Kody Brown’s Wives Are Turning Against Christine

Sister Wives season 17 has found Kody Brown’s wives turning against Christine following her decision to leave the family. Kody has spent nearly thirty years building his family. After marrying wife Meri in 1990, then Janelle in 1993, Christine in 1994, and finally Robyn in 2014, the family amassed a total of 18 children and built their successful TLC docuseries. After 17 seasons with Kody’s wives all playing a major part, the Brown family has begun to show its cracks as Kody’s now ex-wife, Christine, has decided to leave.


While fans all knew that Kody would have trouble dealing with his split from Christine, it was unclear how her fellow sister wives would react. Some felt that the wives would shun Christine, while others were certain they would understand her decision. Initially, Kody’s remaining wives supported Christine. It was clear that she had been unhappy in her marriage to Kody for a long time, and her happiness was what mattered most to the family. However, as time went by, it became clear that the other wives, particularly Robyn and Meri, were angered by Christine’s decision.

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Meri, Janelle, and Robyn’s Reactions Explained

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While Sister Wives fans were anxious to see how Kody’s wives would react to Christine’s departure, they did not expect the amount of backlash Meri, Janelle, and Robyn supplied. As Christine shared with Kody and her fellow wives that she would be leaving the family and moving to Utah with her daughter Truely, Robyn slammed Kody’s ex-wife, claiming that Christine’s past treatment of Kody was wrong. Meri joined in, and while she was a bit calmer, she still felt betrayed by Christine’s actions.

Though Robyn and Meri were angry with Christine’s announcement, Janelle came to Christine’s aide and comforted her as Kody continued to explode. Kody’s main argument, based less around his marriage to Christine being unhappy for both parties and more around the fact that he feels Christine never accepted Robyn into the family, stirred up the other wives. However, Janelle noticed Christine’s discomfort and wanted to calm her down. In her sit-down interview segment, Janelle, who fans think will be leaving Kody soon, explained that she felt Kody was harsh with Christine and ultimately wanted to make sure her fellow sister wife was okay.

While Meri and Robyn were quick to take Kody’s side and admonish her actions, Christine still considers them all family. After spending many years together, the Browns have been through many difficult situations. Sister Wives fans hope that Kody’s other marriages, which have their own clear issues, will not crumble. Though Christine and Kody’s marriage had been troubled for some time, the family had hoped they could work things out over time. Christine’s decision to leave Nevada and move to Murray, Utah is a big change for the Browns, and while it will remove her from their day-to-day life, she will still be a part of the family they have built together.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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