So, What Happens To Judith Grimes Now?!

The Walking Dead’s main series has ended, but the franchise will continue with its main characters getting spinoff shows — except for Judith Grimes.

Judith Grimes became one of The Walking Dead’s most important survivors in its final seasons, but with the show now over, it’s unclear whether Judith will show up again. Judith was one of the first children born during the apocalypse, and her birth was controversial — with Rick Grimes confirming that Shane Walsh is her biological father in season 7. But Rick has always raised Judith as his own, and Michonne became her adoptive mother during the show’s six-year time jump. In The Walking Dead finale, Judith proved that she is precisely like Rick Grimes by fearlessly taking on zombies and showing compassion towards her friends.


With so many Walking Dead spinoffs coming out soon, it’s somewhat surprising that Judith isn’t explicitly featured in any plans. Following Carl Grimes’ TV show death, it has long been assumed that Judith would take her brother’s storyline from Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic series and become the franchise’s lead character. But instead, Judith has seemingly been sidelined while every other central character goes off on their spinoff adventure. Here’s how Judith could return to The Walking Dead in the future.

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Will Judith Grimes Return In The Walking Dead’s Spinoffs?

Walking Dead season 9 premiere - Rick Judith and Michonne

The Walking Dead has three confirmed spinoffs: Daryl will head to Paris, Maggie and Negan will go to New York in Dead City, and Michonne will continue her search for the AWOL Rick Grimes. So far, Judith Grimes has not been confirmed to appear in any of the spinoffs, but it would be surprising if she didn’t show up. It makes the most sense for Judith to appear in Rick and Michonne’s show, given the couple’s story won’t be adequately complete until they reunite with Judith and her younger brother, R.J.

There’s a chance that Judith could play a minor role at the beginning of Dead City, given Judith and Negan’s unlikely friendship. The Walking Dead finale showed Negan giving Judith back the compass she lent him when he escaped Alexandria in season 9, but it’s possible Judith could reappear to gift it to him again before his trip to New York City. Judith can be ruled out of appearing in Daryl Dixon’s spinoff, given The Walking Dead finale saw the crossbow-wielding survivor already say his goodbyes to everyone in Alexandria, and he is set to cross the Atlantic Ocean to Paris.

Why Judith Grimes Still Needs To Be Important In TWD’s FutureCailey Fleming as Judith Grimes in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead finale focused on the future, so it makes sense for Judith to remain a vital part of the franchise. As well as appearing in other Walking Dead spinoffs, Judith could get her own. For example, the franchise could adapt Carl’s final comic book story and focus on an adult Judith dealing with the new world order several years in the future. Alternatively, a series focused on a young Judith could further explore growing up during the apocalypse. Judith Grimes has become an integral character in The Walking Dead and has to be part of its future, whether reuniting with Rick Grimes or her own solo adventure.

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