The Big Bang Theory: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Sheldon And Leonard’s Friendship

The Big Bang Theory is still one of the most popular shows on TV, with it being used in syndication as a lead-in for currently running shows like AEW Dynamite. A large part of the show’s enduring appeal is the relationship between Leonard and Sheldon.

The two friends have a sort of odd-couple relationship, but it is much more complex than that. Throughout the show, the character’s many similarities and differences come to fruition in humorous ways. This has led to some funny memes over the years.


10/10 The Superior Intellect

Sheldon definitely sees himself as the smartest man in the world, often putting down his intelligent friends in the process. This meme, which portrays someone being mad at two people arguing perfectly sums up Sheldon with his friends.

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One thing Leonard has is a touch on reality, so he knows Sheldon saying things like this is completely inappropriate. However, it also shows how many people can have Sheldon-like tendencies when they think little of someone. It perfectly uses the show to its advantage.

9/10 The Explainer

As previously mentioned, Sheldon thinks very highly of himself, especially compared to his friends. In a movie theater, it is not shocking that he would do this to Leonard, as he would already be aware of any differences from the source material. In addition, it sorts him as the person who wants to have control of his friends.

Leonard would likely also be able to tell the differences between text and films. However, that would be irrelevant to Sheldon. He simply wants it to be known that he is more intelligent than other people. The thing he is saying could be common knowledge among his friends, but that does not change things.

8/10 In Between Leonard And Penny

This meme, which summarizes Sheldon as a character, shows that no matter where Leonard and Penny are, Sheldon will find a way to interrupt. The couple always wanted some privacy, but with a roommate like Sheldon, that may be difficult.

Sheldon did not really understand romance in the early stages of the show, at least until he met Amy. Even then he was oblivious a lot of the time. Leonard would simply want to pursue this relationship with Penny but since Sheldon was there, he was not always able to do it that way.

7/10 Voice Of Reason… Possibly

In the early seasons, a lot of the jokes in the show came at the idea of Penny being far more attractive than Leonard and him having very low confidence to speak to her. Sheldon, however, had no shame or attraction and was able to point out Leonard’s flaws in his plan from the beginning, as he did here.

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Sheldon’s lack of social awareness could have been beneficial in some cases. After all, his being blunt about things made it more obvious to Leonard that he had to do something if he thought he had a shot here. Sheldon’s lack of awareness and Leonard’s lack of self-confidence made them a great odd couple.

6/10 Game On

Summer is a time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that surrounds everyone. That is for most, however. Some would prefer to spend their summers locked in their homes playing video games, and that is okay. Sheldon and Leonard would fall into that category.

The show makes it quite clear that neither man is much of an athlete in any way, shape, or form. However, they do enjoy video games. It would make sense that even during the summer, neither man would go outside, with the gang playing a wide variety on the show.

5/10 Can Not Understand

In spite of all of their eccentric behaviors, Leonard and Sheldon do have some things that resemble normal relationships. For instance, in Season 6’s “The Parking Spot Escalation,” Leonard says this line, a line that many can relate to with their best friends.

Sheldon can talk circles around other people, often leaving them confused. Much like in real life, people get into fights that others do not understand. Leonard could try to help, but it will be useless. He does not get what Sheldon is mad about.

4/10 It Is His Spot

Sheldon is a creature of habit. He does not like when things change. One of his most obvious habits of his is that he likes sitting in the same spot on the couch, no one else can sit there. Even someone that was as famous as a United States Senator would not get the privilege to sit in Sheldon’s seat.

Leonard often finds these kinds of things annoying, and Sheldon going to him like a child does not help matters. However, it is an integral part of their friendship. Sheldon has some sort of trust in Leonard and knows that he gets that it’s Sheldon’s spot. Leonard does not want to deal with Sheldon not having his spot, so he goes along with it.

3/10 Suffer In Silence

Leonard may try to understand Sheldon, but that is not the other way around, at least during earlier seasons. While Leonard could feel human emotions and try to express them, Sheldon never really expressed emotions. That leads to moments like this, which can also be relatable for friends.

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Sheldon simply can not communicate well and that leads to these moments. However, it is a good showing of their relationship as no matter what, they are BEST friends. These weird moments continue to be a huge part of their odd-couple friendship while holding some familiarity with the real world.

2/10 Scientific Third Wheel

It is not a secret that Penny is not a genius on the level of Leonard or Sheldon, and she never claimed to be. However, she is around when Sheldon and Leonard are discussing science, leading to the disconnect which often led to the humor, and occasional cringyness, of the threesome.

What this meme shows is that Leonard and Sheldon can be doing their usual intellectual fights and Penny will just get confused by it all. Her being added to the group changed a lot for them. It added a new dynamic and showed new layers to their friendship and this sort of shows that.

1/10 Ultimate Friendship

While they may have their ups and downs, Leonard and Sheldon are still best friends. They live together, work together, and as shown here, hurt together. While they are not always on the same page, there is definitely a case to be made that they are the ultimate friends.

Sheldon literally saved Leonard’s life, while Leonard was one of the few who ever tried to get Sheldon. That is important, and even if they do not always get along, they mean a lot to each other. That is what makes a friendship special, and helped fuel the heart of The Big Bang Theory.

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