The Family Chantel: Evidence That Pedro Is Now Thriving As A Single Man

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno had a messy divorce on The Family Chantel, but Pedro appears to be bouncing back without issues now that he is single.

Pedro Jimeno split from his wife Chantel during a shocking season of The Family Chantel, but he appears to be doing just fine as a single man. The Dominican Republic native came to the United States to marry the Atlanta beauty back on 90 Day Fiancé season 4. Chantel and Pedro’s marriage was in a strong place during The Family Chantel season 3, but Pedro appeared to throw his relationship away after realizing how morally corrupt his family was.


Once he discovered that all the people in his family have affairs, Pedro stopped coming home and started spending more time with his coworkers. His attitude towards Chantel changed, and he stopped being intimate with her as well. This culminated in Pedro filing for divorce from Chantel on May 27 after being separated from her for a month. Many fans lashed out at Pedro, especially amidst infidelity rumors. However, he appears to have moved on from the chaos just fine.

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Pedro Jimeno Launches A Full Rebrand After Chantel Split

Pedro showed The Family Chantel fans that he was moving on from the chaos of his failed marriage when he launched a social media rebrand in mid-October. After receiving intense backlash from viewers, Pedro stayed mostly quiet over the summer until he launched his Instagram comeback. Pedro marketed himself as a real estate agent rather than a reality TV star and shared many photos of himself with a new style and image. Pedro appeared eager to distance himself from his past image as Chantel’s husband and a 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast member. He seemed excited to reintroduce himself as a single man.

Pedro Jimeno Declares Himself Happier After Chantel

If the new marketing that Pedro used with The Family Chantel fans wasn’t clear enough, he shared a video that showed he was most definitely over Chantel and happy to be single. Pedro performed a lipsync in a video in early November that saw him bragging about how great his new life is. Some of the lines included, “better b*tches, better money, my clothes better, my shoes better,” as Pedro made it clear that he considers his life as a single man in his own apartment a major upgrade from sharing a house with his wife. Though many commenters slammed Pedro for the post, he refused to delete it.

The Family Chantel’s Pedro Jimeno Remains Unbothered

The past few months have seen Pedro receiving a lot of heat, but he appears unbothered and focused on his new life. Pedro recently opened up the comments on his Instagram page, which has led to his photos being flooded with criticism and anger from viewers. However, Pedro continues to do his thing and live what he considers to be his best life. Pedro recently shared an image of himself looking sharp in a suit during a gala night for work. The Family Chantel star appears to have fully moved on and is embracing being a single man with a real estate career despite his many critics.

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