The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno’s Biggest Instagram Moments In 2022

Pedro Jimeno became a villain after The Family Chantel season 4, but his critics only brought more attention to his Instagram posts in 2022.

Pedro Jimeno had a whirlwind 2022 as he saw himself become a massive The Family Chantel and 90 Day Fiancé franchise villain, but the reality TV star also had some big moments on social media. Pedro left his wife Chantel Jimeno but also achieved some professional goals as he found a new job. Overall, 2022 has been a big year for Pedro full of ups and downs.

Pedro and Chantel’s marriage collapsed during The Family Chantel season 4, as Chantel tried to save their relationship, and Pedro only shed a tear when he discovered she drained their joint bank account. The former reality TV golden couple ended up tangled in a messy divorce that Chantel requested be made private after Pedro allegedly received death threats. The vast majority of The Family Chantel fans took Chantel’s side after they witnessed her televised growth and maturity. In contrast, Pedro became a reality TV villain who was accused of cheating on Chantel with one of his real estate coworkers. However, he was still beloved among viewers at the start of the year.


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Pedro Jimeno Gets Professional

Before he lost the majority of his supporters, Pedro started 2022 out strong with plenty of fans. Many The Family Chantel viewers previously found Pedro to be sympathetic, while they also enjoyed keeping up with his weight loss journey. Pedro shared an Instagram post in June that showed him taking a professional headshot in a suit. At the time, The Family Chantel fans were not aware of the divorce or that Pedro was rumored to have cheated with a coworker after mistreating his wife. Therefore, he received a lot of likes on his image, which now has the comments turned off.

Pedro Jimeno Garners Attention

The next Instagram image that stirred up a lot of The Family Chantel fan attention was shared a month later. Pedro posted an image of himself standing with a t-shirt and a backpack in front of a waterfall. While the image might not seem significant, it was shared when the news that Pedro had filed for divorce from Chantel broke on the internet, perhaps prompting him to turn comments off again. It also marked the start of Pedro lying low on social media for a few months until he rebranded himself in October. Many viewers wanted to know Pedro’s opinion on the divorce but were instead met with mostly silence on his grid.

Pedro Jimeno Moves On

Many of The Family Chantel fans who once supported Pedro might have turned on him, but he is undeniably still commanding attention as viewers watch him move on. In November, Pedro shared some images of himself in a tuxedo for a work event that ended up being popular among his followers judging by the number of likes. Though many The Family Chantel fans called Pedro out in the comments and accused him of using Chantel, other reactions showed the status he had before becoming a villain.

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