The Horrible Message Y&R Has Sent Vulnerable Viewers

The Young and the Restless spent weeks dramatizing what sent Chelsea Lawson into a downward spiral. Rey Rosales, the man Chelsea decided she was in love with though he never gave her so much as a hint he felt the same way, had the bad manners to die before leaving his wife for her.

What Was Young and the Restless Thinking?

Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), the man she’d tried to frame for Rey’s murder, had the audacity to fall for another woman and not rise to the bait every time Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) badmouthed Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), the next man Chelsea decided to obsess over, pulled away from the kiss Chelsea initiated and reminded her that he had a girlfriend, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil), who wasn’t thrilled with Chelsea’s move.

Meanwhile, Billy’s ex-wife, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), was equally not thrilled when Chelsea insisted they tell son Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) that Chelsea was his biological mother. Johnny was upset by the news. Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) was upset to learn he had a brother Chelsea had never told him about. So an upset Chelsea tried to commit suicide. And all her problems were solved!

Y&R: Easy Peasy

Now that they know about her suicide attempt, Chelsea has Billy and Adam’s complete attention. They are no longer calling her out on her behavior for fear of upsetting her.

At the same time, Victoria and Lily are not calling Chelsea out on her behavior towards Johnny and Billy, for fear of upsetting her. Johnny and Connor are tip-toeing around for fear of upsetting her. Even Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case), whom Chelsea has tried to kill on occasion and whose husband Chelsea was planning to steal, has offered her a room above her coffee shop. Everyone must be nice to Chelsea now!

Young and the Restless: Feedback Loop

What kind of a message is this to send to viewers? Just try and commit suicide, and all the people who were mean to you and didn’t appreciate you and dared to disagree with you will quickly fall in line and fall all over themselves to make you happy, lest you try to do it again.

It’s unfair to the people around you, and it’s damn dangerous to those who might want to try it. Why make attempted suicide look like the solution to all of your problems?!

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