The Hypocrisy Of DAYS ‘Good Guys’ — Thanksgiving Edition

Chanel Dupree has been arrested for murder on Days of our Lives. Her girlfriend, Allie Horton, can’t believe that Melinda Trask is going forward with the prosecution, considering that she has no jurisdiction, what with the crime having taken place in England, after all. (Allie had no such concerns when she accused Tripp Johnson of rape…that crime also took place in England, but, back then, Allie didn’t care much for silly things like points of law.)

Days of our Lives: Pulling Strings

Allie (Lindsay Arnold) was also, oh, so upset that she wasn’t allowed to see Chanel (Raven Bowens) while she was being questioned. Luckily, that was another point of law Allie didn’t need to concern herself with.

Allie’s mom, Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney), was once married to Rafe Hernadez (Galen Garing). And since Rafe tends to treat all his former stepkids like his own children, all Allie had to do was look all sad and despondent, and Police Commissioner Rafe gave her special permission to visit with Chanel. Yay, special priviliges!

DAYS: Political Graft

Meanwhile, Chanel’s mom, Paulina Price Carver (Jackée Harry), was equally oh, so upset that she couldn’t see her precious baby girl while Chanel was being questioned. Even luckier for her, Paulina is married to Abe Carver (James Reynolds), the current mayor of Salem and one-time Police Commissioner. Like Rafe, Abe was able to get Paulina special permission to visit Chanel. After all, it was Thanksgiving. And how cruel would it be to keep families and loved ones separated on Thanksgiving?

Days of our Lives: The Rest Of Us

So Chanel got to see her mom and her girlfriend. Aw…how sweet. Now can we take a moment to think about everyone else locked up over Thanksgiving? You know, the everyone else who doesn’t have strings to pull? We bet they spent it alone.

But, of course, they were guilty. So they didn’t deserve the special privileges that poor, innocent Chanel did. Except that, you know, she’s guilty, too. If this is how Paulina plans to run her gubernatorial office, then she deserves to be impeached before she’s even sworn in!

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