The Vampire Diaries: 10 Quotes That Prove Klaus & Caroline Were Soulmates

Candice King may have said “goodbye for the last time” to Caroline Forbes (via CheatSheet), but fans can’t forget the vampire and her romance with Original hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson. The two shared sizzling chemistry and some intense moments, but there was plenty of proof that they also belonged together on a spiritual and emotional level.

Klaus and Caroline didn’t really get their happily ever after on The Vampire Diaries, but fans knew that they would have made for a fantastic couple had they got a chance. These quotes prove that their love-hate relationship was actually a soulmate-level one.


“You’re Beautiful, You’re Strong, You’re Full Of Light. I Enjoy You.”

Klaus – The Vampire Diaries, Season 3

Klaus Mikaelson smiling at Caroline Forbes

Caroline was often dismissed as a typical teenager who was vain, or cared too much about high school life, but Klaus was one of the few people who saw her for who she really was: a vibrant young woman with dreams and hopes like no other.

He knew from the beginning that she was someone special, and he did not hide his admiration for her. Klaus saw Caroline for who she was, beyond the superficial layer that others always mistook her for.

“That’s Why I Like You.”

Klaus – The Vampire Diaries, Season 3

Klaus and Caroline in The Vampire Diaries.

Klaus was a man who liked a challenge, and Caroline was the perfect foil for his personality. When she told him that she was too clever to fall for him easily, Klaus made it clear that her strong will and heart were what attracted him in the first place.

Klaus was a powerful man who was used to getting his way. Caroline showed him that she was impervious to his clout and that she actually liked him for his soul. Klaus and Caroline’s relationship was a passionate one.

“I Know That You’re In Love With Me. And Anybody Capable Of Love, Is Capable Of Being Saved.”

Caroline – The Vampire Diaries, Season 4

Klaus attends Caroline's graduation.

Everybody viewed Klaus as the ruthless villain he had proved himself to be, but only Caroline could see past his facade of cruelty and disdain. He had hurt many people in his lifetime, but she was kind enough to tell him that she thought he could be redeemed, which was all he ever wanted.

Klaus needed a reason to redeem himself and be a better man, and Caroline gave him that impetus to do better and not mindlessly kill and maim. Klaus wanted to be someone worthy of Caroline.

“I’ve Shown Kindness, Forgiveness, Pity. Because Of You, Caroline. It Was All For You.”

Klaus – The Vampire Diaries, Season 4

Klaus and Caroline holding coffee in The Originals.

Klaus was not known to pause and consider his actions when he had to punish someone. In his conquest for power and fame, the Original only tore people down, but the idea of having Caroline around made him stop and think before being so merciless.

In his own words, the hybrid had been generous and forgiving beyond his usual scope. He only did this to be worthy of her. They encouraged each other to be the best versions of themselves, which was why they were soulmates.

“I Think A Part Of Me Has Always Known…You Weren’t The Villain Of My Story.”

Caroline – The Vampire Diaries, Season 5

Klaus and Caroline almost kiss

Klaus and Caroline’s romance came to a bittersweet apex when Caroline said goodbye to him and admitted to herself and to the Original that he was the opposite of being her enemy. He may have been the nemesis of her friends, but she truly loved Klaus.

Their connection was deeper than just words or actions, and their love had survived years of being apart. Caroline finally confessed that despite the differences, she had always been in love with Klaus.

“He’s Your First Love. I Intend To Be Your Last. However Long It Takes.”

Klaus – The Vampire Diaries, Season 4

Klaus was smitten with Caroline from the moment he met her, and this quote spoken early in their relationship timeline proves it. He was certain of his affections and knew he would be her last love, which came true in a tragic manner in The Originals.

This special feeling only strikes in the presence of someone who is more than a casual fling or temporary romance. Caroline dated many men in the series, but none were quite as sure of their love as Klaus was.

“I’ll Never Forget You.”

Caroline – The Vampire Diaries, Season 5

Klaus and Caroline kiss in The Originals.

For Caroline, Klaus was her unforgettable love — the man with whom she spent the least amount of time with but had the deepest, most intense connection. They never could be partners in the real sense, but he never left her mind and heart.

She was there for him when he decided to turn his back on the world, and he had supported her countless times in the past. They had an incomparable love, and the best ship on TVD, per many fans.

“You Could Have A Thousand More Birthdays, All You Have To Do Is Ask.”

Klaus – The Vampire Diaries, Season 3

Klaus feeds Caroline his blood

Doing romantic things for Caroline came naturally to Klaus. If Caroline wanted, he would have abandoned his pursuits for greatness to do grand gestures for her and make her feel loved. Klaus wanted to spend his days showing her the world, and all of its beauty and art.

Klaus would give Caroline anything because she was that important to him. It was hard for Klaus to be unselfish, but he could be around Caroline because she was his soulmate in every sense of the word.

“I Do, But I Won’t For You.”

Klaus – The Vampire Diaries, Season 5

Klaus & Caroline face to face and smiling in The Vampire Diaries

It was in Klaus’ nature to gloat over the misery of others, and he had come a long way to watch the death of Katherine and have one last laugh. However, when Caroline showed her disapproval, he changed his plans immediately.

Caroline brought forth the best parts of Klaus, and he kept his sadistic urges in check to be with her. Nothing ever managed to stop Klaus, but Caroline’s mere indication made him stop in his tracks and reconsider.

“You’ll Never Have To Loathe The Darkest Parts Of Yourself That Care For Me In Spite Of All I’ve Done.”

Klaus – The Vampire Diaries, Season 5

Klaus and Caroline talk at a bar in The Vampire Diaries

The biggest aspect of their relationship which made it so special was how well Klaus and Caroline knew each other. Klaus knew that the reason why Caroline couldn’t admit her love for him was because she was afraid that she would embrace darkness if she did fall for him.

Caroline was a good friend who chose the well-being of the Mystic falls gang, but she always nursed affection for Klaus, who knew it without hearing it in words. They bonded on a level that went beyond tangible things, proving they truly were soulmates.

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