The Vampire Diaries: 9 Worst Decisions Bonnie Made On The Show

Kat Graham has been flying high on the praise she received for her recent Masked Singer performances, despite an unfortunate elimination. The Vampire Diaries actor is obviously multitalented, but her role as Bonnie Bennett is her most unforgettable work to date. Her character was magical, strong, and the reason why most of the Mystic Falls gang actually made it to the end.

However, iconic as Bonnie was, she wasn’t immune to making bad choices. Like any teenager, she messed up and made poor decisions that impacted her own life, and even adversely affected her friends and family. Things would have been different in Bonnie’s storyline if she hadn’t made these decisions.


Forced Sheila To Open The Tomb

Grams talks to Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries

In the quest to help Elena and the Salvatore brothers, Bonnie made a decision that resulted in the most heartbreaking death in The Vampire Diaries. Bonnie’s Grams had warned her that they would not be able to reopen and close the tomb over and over, but Bonnie insisted that they keep doing it.

This took a toll on Sheila, and her death left a permanent scar on Bonnie’s conscience. She lost the one family member to whom she was the closest to and therefore lost a lot of emotional support at a young age. Bonnie should have listened to her Grams.

Gave Caroline The Cold Shoulder

Bonnie and Caroline at a party in The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Caroline had a good friendship, but initially Bonnie faltered in her best friend duties when she blamed Caroline for being a vampire and ostracized her for no good reason. Caroline was not at fault, and she was still doing a pretty great job of controlling herself, unlike other newbie vampires.

Bonnie should have supported and comforted Caroline at this point, but she chose to threaten and take out her frustration about all vampires onto her and left her emotionally wrecked. Elena was a better friend to Caroline at this time.

Lied About The Gilbert Device

Damon and Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries

In an attempt to stay away from vampire business, Bonnie lied to Damon about disabling the Gilbert Device, which led to a string of unfortunate events. Caroline was hurt, Damon was almost killed, Tyler’s father was killed with the vampires, and the town was put in immense danger because of Bonnie’s massive lie.

She could have just told Damon that she was unable to disable it, instead of pretending as if she had. It was an incredibly malicious move on Bonnie’s part and her friends suffered for it.

Didn’t Tell Anyone About Her Death

Bonnie talking to Jeremy on school bench in The Vampire Diaries

Giving up her life to revive Jeremy was a bad move in itself, but Bonnie’s decision to not let anyone know of her death only brought her further heartache. As a character, Bonnie was self-sacrificial, but not letting Jeremy tell people, and inventing stories of fake travels made no sense.

Elena would have done something about Bonnie’s situation sooner if she had known that her friend was languishing on the Other Side. Bonnie’s actions only delayed her revival and made the surrounding story stale.

Tried To Help Everyone

Bonnie talks to Enzo as she is concerned she won't be able to come through on her plan as Hellfire approaches. (The Vampire Diaries)

While Bonnie’s intentions were always pure, her need to help others was a terrible move for her own self. She dedicated much of her life, for a long time, to helping Elena and her coterie of supernatural friends, but it gave Bonnie nothing but sadness and loss.

She should have focussed on herself and thrived within the witch community, instead of getting involved in other business which resulted in the loss of her own life and those of her loved ones. Bonnie stopped helping her friends, but that was after she bore the consequences of putting herself last.

Learned Expression Magic

Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries

With great power came temptation, and Bonnie got carried away when Shane offered to help her learn Expression magic. At first, she was misled about the magic, but soon enough she got to know how dark this type of magic was, but it was too late by then.

Bonnie’s hunger for power and the ability to do unimaginable things with magic led to the death of dozens of people, and the loss of connection to her ancestors. Yet again, Sheila was punished by the ancestors for Bonnie’s indiscretions.

Didn’t Raise Alarms When Katherine Didn’t Pass On

Bonnie and Damon in The Vampire Diaries

Katherine’s “death” as a human was suspect, especially since Elena started behaving erratically, and Bonnie, who was the Anchor, did not see her pass through the Other Side. This led to Elena being trapped and almost losing herself to Katherine.

Bonnie could have prevented the takeover of her body if she had been a little proactive and only let her friends know that Katherine had not passed over. Just a heads-up would have made them realize sooner what tricks Katerina was up to.

Took The Armory Pills

Bonnie laying her head on Enzo; shoulder in The Vampire Diaries

To hide herself from the Armory, Bonnie took pills that subdued her magic which were given to her by Enzo. She trusted Enzo implicitly, but the pills were slowly killing her. The witch should have been careful about what she was blindly ingesting because it led to her almost dying.

Bonnie was, otherwise, an extremely intelligent and cautious human being. Just some simple research or asking around would have revealed how bad the pills were for her.

Hurt Matt As A Huntress

Bonnie Bennett as The Huntress in The Vampire Diaries

Her unfortunate stint with the Armory pills forced Bonnie’s friends to transfer Rayna Cruz’s last life to her, but that meant Bonnie also inherited the obsession to kill all vampires like Rayna herself. In this state, she ended up hurting Matt seriously, when he tried to stop her from the destruction.

Poor Matt was never at fault and got caught in supernatural jams too often. Fans hated when his friend injured him so easily when he was trying to save her from herself. She then left him for the dead.

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