The Vampire Diaries: Every Major Book Character Left Out Of The Series

While The Vampire Diaries‘s executive producer Julie Plec is working on the Vampire Academy adaptation, many TVD fans are beginning to feel adrift. There were new episodes of the franchise coming out for thirteen years before Legacies was canceled, and that absence has been felt. One place fans may look to fill that hole is the original book series by L. J. Smith. The legitimacy of the books got convoluted thanks to multiple ghostwriters and non-canon entries, but there are currently 38 stories for interested fans to explore.

While many characters from The Vampire Diaries are vastly different from their novel counterparts, there are also plenty of characters that didn’t make it into the series at all. Many of these characters were cut because their species as a whole didn’t exist in the show, which limited the main characters to only those who were human, vampires, werewolves, or witches. Cuts happen in every adaptation, but these 10 major book characters could have been very interesting additions to the universe, had The Vampire Diaries been written differently.


Honoria Fell

Split image of Honoria Fell's grave and an image Honoria Fell from The Vampire Diaries

In the novels, the town of Mystic Falls was actually called Fell’s Church. This was in reference to Honoria Fell, who was the town’s founder. She was a powerful witch who protected the town from vampires and werewolves throughout her life and death. Honoria possessed Bonnie several times, trying to protect Elena and the town.

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The character existed in the series as a member of the Founder’s Council who tried to kill all the vampires, but her own supernatural nature was discarded, and thus she had no contact with the group in the modern day. This contributed to the idea that Mystic Falls was completely normal until 2009, which makes significantly less sense than the town’s continuing supernatural traditions.

Caleb Smallwood

Split image of Caleb Smallwood from The Vampire Diaries books and Hope Mikaelson in wolf and witch states

Caleb was Tyler’s cousin, who inherited the werewolf gene but never triggered it. Instead, he had the ability to use magic, which caused him to keep two sets of memories after the guardians meddled in the world. Caleb wants to find out what happened to Tyler after leaving town but is ultimately unsuccessful.

Caleb has no counterpart in any of the television series, with the closest approximation being Hope Mikaelson prior to triggering her werewolf gene. Both had a knack for spellwork that occasionally got wildly out of control and a lot of complicated emotions when it came to family. However, there was no need for a character to search for Tyler in the series, as he was a fairly present character.


Split image of Zander from the Polish cover of TVD: Moonsong and Jackson Kenner in wolf and human forms from The Vampire Diaries

Zander was an Original Werewolf, which meant that he was descended from the first werewolves, rather than transforming from a bite. This gives him control over his transformations comparable to the show’s hybrids or wolves using moonlight amulets. He ends up being a love interest for Bonnie for several books, even marrying her in The Salvation series.

While Zander doesn’t have a counterpart in The Vampire Diaries, some of his traits are similar to Jackson Kenner from The Originals, particularly with his ties to established werewolf communities. Many fans reject him because he was an addition to the ghostwritten books, but the show could have benefited from a less violent werewolf to contrast with Tyler.

Sue Carson

Split image of Sarah from The Vampire Diaries, staring at Tyler in one image and dead in the next

Sue Carson was a close friend of Elena and Bonnie’s, but she didn’t end up getting dragged into the supernatural world the way the others did. She was present in each book in the original series, but only in a minor capacity. However, she became incredibly significant in Dark Reunion when she was killed by Tyler in a ritual to activate his werewolf gene.

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Because she had such a minor role before her death, the series cut her out altogether. In her place was Sarah, who was only in two episodes of the show, appearing just to be killed by Tyler. Sue’s death would have had more impact, but the end result ended up being pretty similar.

Misao And Shinichi

Fanart of Misao And Shinichi, with an image of Kai Parker on the left and Sybil controlling Damon on the right from The Vampire Diaries
Fanart from vvveverka on DeviantArt

Misao and Shinichi were twin kitsunes, fox spirits from Japanese folklore. They were major villains who used creatures called Malachs to control Damon and Caroline. Shinichi was one of the evilest characters in the series, delighting in causing harm to others. Misao was less vindictive, but she certainly wasn’t good.

The twins might have been an interesting addition to the series, but they would have opened the door to more supernatural species than the show wanted to address. Shinichi’s gleeful attitude toward cruelty might have inspired Kai’s character in season six, while Misao was more akin to Sybil in season 8.


Split image of Cade, Enzo and Damon, and Sage from The Vampire Diaries

Sage was a central character in The Return and The Hunter series, where he was introduced as an ancient vampire born in the Iron Age. In addition to being a vampire, Sage is the son of the Devil and a Guardian (angel) himself, which is how he met the core group. In addition, he is close friends with Damon, though there is some suggestion of romance between them.

In the show, a character named Sage did exist, but she had nothing in common with the book character other than her name and vampirism. It might have been interesting to see Sage show up in the eighth season when the Devil was introduced, but the lack of guardians in the series would have made the character extremely difficult to introduce.

Mrs. Theophilia Flowers

Split image of Mrs. Flowers and Sheila Bennett from The Vampire Diaries

In the books, Stefan moved to Fell’s Church from Italy, moving into the local boarding house that was owned and run by Mrs. Flowers. She was an ally to the main group and seemed to know more than she let on, revealing in The Return series that she was actually a witch who had been alive for over a hundred years.

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The character actually was cast and mentioned in the television series, though it was easily missed. Played by Jackie Prucha, Mrs. Flowers appeared in the season two episode “Masquerade,” though she didn’t serve much of a role in the story. While she wasn’t necessary to the plot, her magical know-how may have partially influenced Sheila Bennett’s character.

Margaret Gilbert

Split image of child actress McKenna Grace, who played young Caroline and would be a good fit for Margaret, and Jeremy Gilbert, both from The Vampire Diaries

When adapting The Vampire Diaries, the showrunners decided to completely recreate Elena’s sibling, replacing young Margaret with the troubled teen Jeremy. Margaret was keenly aware of the world around her, but otherwise had a very minor role in the story due to her age. Were she in the show, however, she would have had a very similar appearance to Elena and Katherine, who both looked more like the show’s Caroline.

While fans debate whether they like Jeremy, he was a character that had agency in the series. To introduce Margaret, they would have had to dramatically increase her age, which would fundamentally change her role. However, she could have been a good way to introduce the Guardian lineage in the show, had that been a direction they wanted to pursue.


Split image of fanart of the character Inari from The Vampire Diaries books, a kitsune named Kira Yukimura from Teen Wolf, and a Statue of Kitsune (fox) holding a key in its mouth, at the main gate to the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine near Kyoto.
Fanart from Snuggle Rose on Pinterest

Inari was perhaps the greatest villain in L. J. Smith’s books, as the major antagonist of The Return series. She was an ancient kitsune (and perhaps a Shinto deity) who was upset with her physical aging. She pretended to be a friend’s grandmother and orchestrated attacks on Fell’s Creek, perhaps including the actions of Katherine and Klaus.

As The Vampire Diaries show didn’t have any kitsunes, it would have been hard to put her into the series. However, Arcadius, an immortal being with two servants—mythical creatures from another culture—was likely at least partially inspired by Inari. As another potential connection, Inari’s supposed granddaughter was named Isobel, the same name as Elena’s birth mother in the show. Besides these vague allusions, however, the character really doesn’t have much effect on the show.

Meredith Sulez

Split image of Meredith Sulez on the cover of one of The Vampire Diaries books and Meredith Fell talking to Caroline on The Vampire Diaries

Meredith Sulez is the biggest absence in The Vampire Diaries series, as she was canonically Elena and Bonnie’s best friend in the books. Meredith was human but exceptionally strong-minded, resisting Damon’s charm and eventually being revealed as a hunter-slayer. She later fell for Alaric, and the two stayed together throughout the series.

While there was a character in the show named Meredith, Meredith Fell’s only similarity to Meredith Sulez was her relationship with Alaric. Instead, many of her characteristics and plot lines were transferred to Caroline, who had been a minor antagonist in the books. Had Meredith been in the series, Caroline probably wouldn’t have had as interesting of an arc, but the human demographic would have better representatives than Matt.

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