The Vampire Diaries: The 10 Best Tweets About Stefan & Damon

The cast of The Vampire Diaries reunited at the I Was Feeling Epic In Mystic Falls fan convention recently, and as expected, the leading heroes, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, attracted the affection of all their fans. Stefan and Damon remain an indelible part of TVD, with their fans still debating over which team they belong to between the two vampire brothers.

Twitter is still abuzz with tweets about their bond, their love triangle with Elena, and their intriguing storylines in the show. Stefan and Damon were solid in their brotherly relationship, but they have rather dedicated fans on Twitter who are divided when it comes to the Salvatores.


Team Damon Vs. Team Stefan

The Vampire Diaries fandom has a lot to be divided over, but Stefan and Damon are the most important choices to them. While some fans are decided in their choice of brother, others are eternally confused by whom to side with while watching the show.

Diehard fans seem caught up in this conundrum, especially when they rewatch it during marathons. Damon was the badass anti-hero to whom fans were attracted, while Stefan’s sincerity and kind heart made viewers inclined to him.

The Damon-Elena-Stefan Love Triangle

Delena and Stelena shippers are always quick to advocate for their ship on Twitter, but there was a significant overlap in their relationships. Stefan and Damon had a history of falling for the same woman, and they also always had the same face.

Fans love to argue whether Elena belonged with Stefan or Damon, but this moment in the show when Damon just called her “their” girlfriend incited much amusement in the fandom. No other show did a love triangle quite like TVD did.

The More Likable Brother

Damon Salvatore had a habit of rubbing people the wrong way, and it extended beyond the usual suspects of humans, vampires and wolves of The Vampire Diaries. In fact, Damon annoyed so many people that his hate club extended beyond the realm of the mortal, where dead witches also detested the vampire.

Stefan was the more widely liked and tolerated Salvatore between the two, and some fans find it hilarious that supernatural beings across the board felt the same way about Damon and him.

TVD X Twilight

Considering that The Vampire Diaries ran during the same time as Twilight, inevitable comparisons are made between the two teen vampire stories. Many fans imagine what role Damon and Stefan could have played if they were in the movies.

According to their personality types, it would make sense that Stefan would be one with the Cullens, who shared a lot of his traits like generosity and compassion, while Damon, being villainous, is imagined in James’ coven or a lone wolf.

The Salvatores Take On Klaus

Klaus and Damon were both great vampire villains, but there was no doubt that Klaus was stronger than both him and Stefan. Still, plenty of plot armor protected the Salvatore boys as they took on Klaus not once, but several times, and somehow came out unscathed.

Klaus was the most powerful creature on earth, being a hybrid and an Original vampire, but the brothers somehow always managed to defeat him, which amused and confused the Twitterati.

The Teary Reunion Of Damon & Stefan

Damon and Stefan’s relationship was a loving and intense one, and they lived for each other, which was why fans were dismayed to see Stefan die and Damon live out his life without his brother. However, there was solace to be found at the end of the TVD finale, when Damon and Stefan did end up reuniting.

They finally found peace after years of fighting and struggling with the bad guys. It was heartwarming to see that Stefan had been waiting for Damon, and he went ahead to find him first when he reached the afterlife.

Who Was The Better Salvatore?

While most TVD lovers like to debate about who was the better brother and the better man between Stefan and Damon, a large number have realized that they were both equally flawed. Both the Salvatores had made life-altering mistakes and committed crimes, so they were both bad.

There was no harm in loving them, but trying to make one sound better than the other was pointless. The tweet acknowledges that this could be a fairly unpopular opinion.

A True Brother’s Bond

The relationship between Stefan and Damon extended beyond the screen, as actors Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Paul Wesley (Stefan) developed a tight bond while filming.

In a nod to their fraternal roles, they founded a bourbon company together, which clearly signaled Stefan and Damon’s love for one another, and for the drink. The two were seen sipping the liquid in almost every scene of TVD, and fans were gushing about the real-life development of their bond.

When Delena Did Stefan Dirty

In a bid to save Damon, poor Stefan got caught between Klaus and his tricks. While he was forcibly turned into a Ripper to keep Damon from harm’s way, Elena and Damon were only growing closer and falling in love.

Some fans thought it was so sad but also quite funny that while poor Stefan was working overtime to safeguard the two most important people in his life, they fell for each other.

A Beautiful Bond

At the end of the day, no matter how many differences the Salvatores had, they were a solid unit. They stood together against the many antagonists who were thrown their way, they were gracious in their complicated love lives, and extremely caring towards each other.

The Vampire Diaries proved that the whole show really boiled down to the wonderful dynamic between Damon and Stefan, and nothing could ever get in the way of these two siblings for too long.

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