The Vampire Diaries: The 10 Most Heroic Side Characters

With the Vampire Academy‘s first season coming to an end, fans can’t help but correlate its characters with those from the beloved supernatural teen drama show, The Vampire Diaries. There were about 200 plus characters that made an appearance throughout the series and although not all of them made a lasting impression, a few stole the spotlight.

Heroism, as seen in the show, is expressed through the act of selflessness and there are several heroic side characters in the series, including Nora Hildegard, Emily Bennett, and Lexi Branson. They made a significant impact on many of the core characters of the show, whether it was through teaching one how to control their powers with Stefan or how they saved each other from a death that would create chaos with Emily.


Luka Martin

Luka Martin in The Vampire Diaries.

Luka took a chance on not only making a friend out of Bonnie but having a connection with another witch his age. Learning witchcraft at an early age allowed him to teach Bonnie how to channel power from another source in ‘The Sacrifice’ episode. This led to Bonnie siphoning his power without his permission, severing their close relationship.

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He was there for her during a time when she needed him the most, after Sheila’s passing. He shared his witchcraft knowledge to help Bonnie become stronger in a world that needed her. Her new siphoning power had taken a toll on their friendship, but he was quick to forgive and forget. This enabled an even closer relationship, making Bonnie more aware of her witch heritage. Without Luka, Bonnie wouldn’t have had the chance to save her friends countless times after he passed.

Nora Hildegard

Nora Hildegard in The Vampire Diaries.

After a tough childhood, Nora found a home with the Heretics. During her time in the prison world, she fell madly in love with Mary Louise. Their relationship dealt with many ups and downs but after 133 years, their love truly stood the test of time, especially in the ‘Best Served Cold’ episode.

Although she is seen as a villain, their love for each other gave them the confidence to sacrifice themselves and destroy the Phoenix sword. In doing so, they helped free the vampires already trapped inside the stone, thus making this act of selflessly saving each other a truly heroic one with saving others.

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson during a flashback in The Vampire Diaries.

Rebekah, one of the Original vampires, wanted to live a life as humanly as possible. Throughout the series, her goals and intentions constantly changed, typically depending on if they fit her interests.

On rare occasions, she would lend a helping hand like when she saved Elena from a trap set by Vaughn, even though they despised one another. Rebekah has great potential to be a powerful hero, but due to her selfish acts, she rarely shows it. The hero side of her peeks out in times of trouble.

Sheila “Grams” Bennett

Grams Bennett talking to Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries

Sheila is a descendant of a very powerful witch line. Although she despised vampires, especially Stefan and Damon, she helped them for the sake of her granddaughter, Bonnie. After doing so, Sheila was significantly weakened until her passing in the ‘Fool Me Once’ episode.

From time to time, Sheila reveals herself to Bonnie as a ghost to guide her and remind her of what a strong witch she has become. Her ongoing teachings even after death had allowed Bonnie to save her friends, family, and the whole town every single season. Sheila was Bonnie’s backbone, helping her through the tough times she experienced. She’s certainly a hero to many, especially to those who knew her.

Emily Bennett

Emily Bennett sits deep in thought in TVD.

Emily, one of the most powerful witches of the Bennett family, made a desperate deal with Damon to protect her Bennett bloodline as seen in the ‘History Repeating’ episode. In return, she would save and protect 26 vampires under the Fell’s Church.

Saving the vampires in the tomb required tremendous power that only she could summon. Although witches and vampires were mortal enemies, she did what she believed was best: saving others. This allowed her bloodline to survive and keep the townspeople from becoming vampire mass murderers. She was selfless, which unfortunately led to a death that she couldn’t get herself out of.


Rose-Marie looking at Damon

Rose-Marie had a rough life after becoming a vampire. She spent most of it running from Klaus after unknowingly turning his love, Katherine, into a vampire. An alliance between her and the Salvatore brothers was formed from what started as miscommunication and led to an understanding.

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Her morals were shown as she tried to save her own life during season 2. She had made a terrible decision when it came to kidnapping Elena to trade for her life. This in turn allowed her to look deeper into her heart to realize that this is not who she was. She’s not a bad person, she made one terrible decision. To make amends, she decided to join the heroes in the fight against Klaus, subsequently becoming heroic herself.

Elizabeth Forbes

Elizabeth Forbes smiling

When Elizabeth became the sheriff of Mystic Falls, it was her duty to protect the town whether that was against vampires, werewolves, or the like. Her world came tumbling down once she uncovered the truth about her daughter, Caroline being a vampire in the ‘Kill or Be Killed’ episode.

Her strength and courage to do everything under the law, even in a world where its evils are way above it, is truly remarkable. Her stance on doing what is right and following through with it shows her human vigor. This can be seen as she stood by her daughter after believing her whole life that vampires were evil. Elizabeth’s actions weren’t for any recognition but rather to save the town she grew up in.

Mason Lockwood

Mason Lockwood in his car looking out the window in The Vampire Diaries.

The Lockwood family was cursed with the werewolf gene long before Mason. Unbeknownst to him, Katherine knew exactly how to trigger it and used him throughout their relationship. In season 2, he came back to Mystic Falls years later to support his nephew, Tyler, and get the key to ending Katherine’s curse.

During his time at Mystic Falls, he helped Katherine obtain the Moonstone, causing turmoil between him and the Salvatore brothers. To his demise, he wasn’t there for Tyler during his initial stages of turning, but he visited him while he was suffering from the sire bond with Klaus. Even though he wanted revenge against Damon, through his better judgment he asked for redemption. All he wanted to do was help Tyler, becoming one of the most crucial characters in defeating Klaus. Although it’s not well-known, he’s the reason the pieces all fit together.

Hayley Marshall

Hayley Marshall on The Originals looking up at someone

After triggering her wolf curse by accident, Hayley had a difficult life moving from home to home. She was part of a royal family that ruled the Crescent Wolf Clan, but she often felt lost and alone. Years later, she came to Mystic Falls to help Tyler and other hybrids break their sire bonds with Klaus within season 4.

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Hayley’s initial plan was to gain more knowledge about her late parents and to do so she needed to help the hybrids. Although it wasn’t her main goal, her actions of breaking their sire bonds were true. She did the good deeds for selfish reasons but to the hybrids she saved, she’s a hero in their eyes. Without her, they would still be sired to Klaus, doing his dirty work and causing more chaos than anyone could’ve imagined.

Alexia “Lexi” Branson

Lexi in a flashbackStefan and Lexi in a flashback in The Vampire Diaries.

Lexi is the epitome of a down-to-earth vampire, learning how to survive without hurting humans. She has been friends with the Salvatore brothers for over a century, even helping Stefan through his Ripper phase. Throughout the series, she appears as a ghost holding onto the feeling that she hasn’t done enough.

She is the embodiment of atrue friend that will be there for her friendsat all costs. She respects human life and understands how to enjoy life, whether vampire or human. As seen in ‘The End of the Affair’ episode, Lexi is loyal to those she truly loves, especially Stefan. Through their years together, she taught him how to love and survive without hurting others.

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