The Walking Dead: Every Character That Will Appear On A Spinoff

The Walking Dead just finished its 10-plus year run as the finale recently premiered on AMC. Fans were happy to see the show peacefully come to a close as it seems like it may be the last time they see some of these characters. However, there are numerous spinoff projects currently in development.

There have been spinoffs of The Walking Dead dating back to 2015. These shows did not feature any members of the original cast at first, but there was some crossover between the shows eventually. There are also three big projects that were announced that star many of the main cast from the original show, which fans are ecstatic for.


Morgan Jones – Fear The Walking Dead

A close up of Morgan on Fear the Walking Dead.

Morgan was in the very first episode of the series, “Days Gone By.” He returned to be a main part of the group in season 6 but left again to be a character on the first The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead.

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Morgan merged with the spinoff in its 4th season, so he joined a cast of already developed and multidimensional characters. Even though Morgan was a fan favorite, this was probably a good idea by the show’s creators. They most likely wanted more traction from the spinoff, so Morgan’s introduction probably piqued the interest of casual fans by introducing some crossover and fully showing that the two shows are in the same universe. Fear The Walking Dead was renewed for an 8th season last year (via People), so fans should expect to see a lot more of Morgan.

Dwight – Fear The Walking Dead

Dwight of the Saviors from Walking Dead with Burnt Face

Dwight entered The Walking Dead universe by being Negan’s right-hand man, but fans grew to love him. He first appeared at the beginning of season 6 and left for Fear The Walking Dead at the end of season 8.

Dwight is on the hunt looking for his wife Sherry when he runs into the spinoff’s group in season 5. Again, the main purpose for introducing Dwight into the spinoff was to probably keep fans interested in it and to also keep the possibility open that the two shows could merge completely. Dwight’s character seemed to have run its course on The Walking Dead, so it was a good idea to give him a new start.

Negan Smith – The Walking Dead: Dead City

Negan from The Walking Dead smiling arrogantly

Negan’s introduction into The Walking Dead universe was a benchmark in the series. He was the main antagonist starting in season 6, but Negan turned into an anti-hero type in season 9.

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Jeffery Dean Morgan’s Negan will be co-headlining one spinoff titled The Walking Dead: Dead City. This series takes place in New York City, Manhattan more specifically, as it will serve as a direct sequel to The Walking Dead. It is interesting that the show started near Atlanta, and now they would have traveled a good portion of the East coast when this show starts. This series is a 6 episode series that is set to debut in April 2023 (Via People).

Maggie Rhee – The Walking Dead: Dead City

Maggie looking angry with a scratch on her face in The Walking Dead.

Costarring along with Negan is Laurie Cohen’s Maggie. She was introduced in season 2 and became a fan favorite immediately.

Some fans might find it shocking that Cohen agreed to do a spinoff series since there was a time when they were not sure if Cohen would ever return to The Walking Dead universe. Cohen left the show around the middle of season 9 for an indefinite amount of time. Luckily for everyone, she returned in season 10. The dynamic of Maggie and Negan’s relationship will be awesome to see explore even further in Dead City and fans should be very excited about this spinoff.

Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Daryl from The Walking Dead leaning up against a wall, sort of half smiling.

Daryl is one of the most beloved characters in all of television. Daryl was a part of the original group in Atlanta and stayed loyal for all 11 seasons.

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Fans should be excited to hear that Daryl is getting his own spinoff show. It will be interesting to see how Daryl is able to adapt to being away from the group after being with them for so many years. The series was originally supposed to follow Daryl and Carol together, but once the filming location was changed, Carol’s actress, Melissa McBride, had to drop out. (Via People). That would have been cool to see, but all fans know Daryl has the ability to carry the series by himself. There is no official release date, but it could premiere in 2023.

Rick Grimes – Untitled Rick and Michonne Series

 Rick Grimes pointing a gun at the Walkers in Walking Dead

The titular Rick Grimes is getting a spinoff after being the primary protagonist for about 9 seasons. He was presumed dead by his group after the explosion on the bridge but was saved via helicopter.

It was only right for Rick to return as The Walking Dead never felt truly the same after he left, as he was the heart and soul of the show. Rick’s spinoff has a lot of questions to answer as fans are dying to know what happened to Rick after he left, what will happen to the former Sheriff, and when he will see Michonne again.

Michonne Grimes – Untitled Rick and Michonne Series

Michonne Hawthorne sitting in a hut in The Walking Dead finale

Of course, Michonne will star alongside Rick in their upcoming spinoff. Michonne was introduced in season 3 and left in the middle of season 10 to find Rick.

Rick and Michonne’s spinoff will center on their relationship as People calls it an “epic love story of two characters changed by a changed world.” Fans did get a bit of Michonne at the end of The Walking Dead finale as they saw her writing to Rick as she was still on the quest to find him. The spinoff, which originally started off as a movie trilogy, will being with a six-episode release that is slated for sometime in 2023.

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