The Walking Dead Series Finale Has A Brilliant Episode 1 Parallel

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead finale.

Though The Walking Dead season 11 included several callbacks to the first few episodes of the long-running AMC series, one parallel between the series finale, “Rest in Peace,” and the very first episode, “Days Gone Bye,” was especially powerful. The Walking Dead’s penultimate episode saw Judith shot by Pamela Milton and rushed to hospital by Daryl and the rest of the survivors, reminiscent of him carrying Beth in season 5. In critical condition, Judith’s story during “Rest in Peace” resembled that of her brother and father in earlier seasons, just one of many throwbacks featured during the final season of The Walking Dead.


Some of the show’s most iconic scenes come in the first moments of The Walking Dead season 1, which featured Rick Grimes waking up alone and confused in a hospital, months after the onset of the viral outbreak. Recovering from a gunshot wound, he leaves a room blocked by a hospital bed, looking for any signs of life – a moment perfectly paralleled by Judith during “Rest in Peace,” even down to the tiniest detail of Daryl blocking her room with a bed. Several TWD season 1 throwbacks had been featured throughout The Walking Dead season 11, paying homage to the beginnings of the series, but this one stood out as one of the most powerful.

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The Walking Dead’s Judith Intro Continues Season 11’s Callbacks

walking dead season 1 callback judith hospital

As the final season of The Walking Dead, season 11 paid some brilliant tributes to the start of the long-running show as a fantastic celebration of everything that had led to this point. Judith’s introductions at the start of every episode from episode 17, “Lockdown,” onwards included scenes from The Walking Dead’s history, bringing long-gone characters back to the forefront. On top of this, the major reintroduction of variant walkers was a massive turning point for the series, helping to set up some dramatic action for The Walking Dead’s upcoming spinoffs.

Aside from these more on-the-nose callbacks, train tracks reminiscent of the ones leading to Terminus made another appearance. There were also parallels between the group searching for the missing kids in The Walking Dead season 11 and Rick searching for his family, as well as Maggie having to kill a child walker just as Rick did in the opening of “Days Gone Bye.” Gabriel’s decision to open the gates to the Estates solidified his redemption after choosing to not open the doors to his church, and even Maggie choosing to spare Pamela’s life reflected Rick’s decision to spare Negan after their epic battle.

Walking Dead Brings Judith Closer To Rick Grimes

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Judith didn’t have much time with her father before he sacrificed himself in season 9, so seeing her mirror Rick in The Walking Dead series finale was incredibly touching. Every detail seemed to match her father’s situation from when he first awoke in the apocalypse. Not only did she reflect Rick in these moments, but also her long-dead brother, Chandler Riggs’ Carl, who was shot in the season 2 premiere, “What Lies Ahead,” and bedridden on the Greene family farm. Carl received blood from his father, just as Judith received blood from Daryl.

Aside from the takeaway that the Grimes family should be more careful around guns, these moments in The Walking Dead finale were the perfect throwback, reminding viewers of their first introduction to Rick, and how special his connection to his children was. Rick’s story will continue in one of the upcoming spinoffs, which will hopefully lead him back to his family. Until then, season 11 has reminded viewers why they fell in love with the series, and ignited more desire for the future of The Walking Dead.

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