The Walking Dead Villains, Who’s The Worst: Part 11

Walking dead

– The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 24 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

The Walking Dead’s final season is over. It was the longest season of the show, and as such, had A LOT of villains, but which one was THE WORST?

I have always enjoyed The Walking Dead’s villains. Throughout the show’s run, most of the villains were a frightening window into just how bad people could become if presented with a world that suddenly became lawless and brutal, running the gamut from garden-variety racists to frigging cannibals and everything in between. They have often been some of the show’s most interesting characters and, at times, more frightening than even the dead themselves because, in most cases, you know that, at one time, these people were, ostensibly, “good”.

That is why I have written articles laying out who I believe to have been the worst villains in each season, mostly based on what they did in that season. Now, by “worst,” I don’t mean the character who did the shittiest job at being a villain, or, necessarily, the most prominent villain, but rather, the villain who seemed to be most despicable, the most irredeemable, the one who could least be forgiven for what they did.

This criteria resulted in several seasons having villains hit the top of the charts that a lot of people may not have considered, while with other seasons, the most irredeemable villain and the most prominent were ones and the same.

In this final season of The Walking Dead, we had a lot of villains, nearly all of whom earned their place on this list for different reasons, with some being worse than others and some being far worse.

The question, as always, is this: Which of these villains is the most irredeemable? Who is the worst?

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