Walking Dead Finale’s Big Moments Become Comic Panels In Stylish Fan Art

The Walking Dead series finale’s big moments are turned into comic panels in this stylish fan art that unites the show with its source material.

New artwork for The Walking Dead reimagines the series finale’s big moments into stylized comic panels. The Walking Dead began as a comic book in 2003 by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore before becoming one of the most popular shows in modern television. The Walking Dead concluded its long run after 177 episodes with the series finale aptly titled Rest in Peace. Although the main show reached its end, The Walking Dead universe appears to only be getting started, with several announced spinoff series.


WalkerWyn took to Twitter to share The Walking Dead inspired art that recreates the big moments from the series finale in classic comic book style. The stylish art features several main characters from the major moments of The Walking Dead’s series finale, ranging from Negan and Maggie in a much-needed heart-to-heart conversation to a spinoff-bound Rick Grimes. Check out the art below:

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The Walking Dead Had The Ending It Deserved

Lauren Cohan as Maggie in The Walking Dead Series Finale Across From Negan

After 11 seasons, The Walking Dead got the finale it deserved after such a long run. The Walking Dead even included an homage to one of the show’s best scenes, the Glenn and Abraham dream sequence from the season 7 premiere that showed Rick’s group having a meal together in what would’ve been an ideal ending. Sadly, Glenn and Abraham, along with more characters in that lineup, wouldn’t make it to the end of the show. The Walking Dead did manage to homage that scene, with a dying Rosita, who was hiding her condition, looking wishfully at her family as they happily ate together in the finale.

After many fights and deaths, The Walking Dead’s cast of characters deserved to find peace in the series finale. Some characters like Daryl will go on to appear in their own spinoffs, but the series finale managed to give much-needed closure to characters fans likely won’t see again, or at least not anytime soon. The Walking Dead’s series finale ending jumped a year into the future and gave a happy ending to characters like Ezekiel and Princess, who were shown to have settled in at the newly managed Commonwealth. With the time jump, the show was able to conclude its storylines, while also having scenes that teased the announced spinoffs, like the Rick and Michonne sequence at the end.

How The Walking Dead Spinoffs Can Reinvent The Franchise

Daryl with a horse and carriage in France in a first look scene from the spin-off series Daryl Dixon.

There are currently three announced The Walking Dead spinoffs: The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead: Dead City, and the Rick & Michonne series. In these spinoffs, established characters from the show will be put in brand-new locations for the franchise, going from New York City all the way to Paris. The Walking Dead’s spinoffs can reinvent the franchise through experimentation with the universe’s formula. Anchoring the spinoffs in beloved characters like Rick is a great way to get audiences to tune into the shows. If the spinoffs manage to present entertaining stories that introduce new visuals, characters, and locations to the franchise, there’s a good chance The Walking Dead universe might be looking at a major comeback in viewership soon.

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