Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus Reveals 1 Daryl Storyline He’d Change

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus has revealed one Daryl storyline he wished could be changed, and it involves one of the major villains of the show

Norman Reedus has revealed one Daryl Dixon storyline he wished to change from The Walking Dead. Fans connected with the crossbow wielder since his first appearance in the show’s premiere season. Daryl’s laidback style, tracking expertise, and great fighting skills poised the character to become a major member of the group right from the start. Daryl proved himself one of the most iconic characters of the show during The Walking Dead’s 11 seasons, leading fans to coin the phrase “If Daryl Dies, We Riot.” With Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) exit from The Walking Dead season 9, Daryl became the main character of the show, garnering even more favor with the fans and leading the character to his own spinoff after the end of the series.


During an interview with Comicbook, Reedus was asked what was the one moment from The Walking Dead he’d go back and change. The Daryl Dixon actor answered that he would’ve wanted to have had more scenes between Daryl and Alpha (Samantha Morton). Alpha was the major villain of the show during seasons 9 and 10. The Whisperers’ leader was such a fan favorite that Alpha was brought back in the spinoff show Tales of the Walking Dead, which serves as an anthology and showed the character’s past. According to Reedus, his choice was because Morton was fun to work with and he could’ve learned more from watching her work. Check out the full quote below.

“I think maybe the Alpha story. I would have liked to hang out with Alpha a little bit more. It was fun to work with Samantha. I know she was a bad guy, but I liked her whole Axl Rose vibe, and she was really fun to work with. You learn a lot watching Samantha work.”

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Will Daryl Find The Cure In Walking Dead Spinoff

Daryl with a horse and carriage in France in a first look scene from the spin-off series Daryl Dixon.

After a season-long fight with the Commonwealth and its leader, Governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins), Daryl’s group managed to turn the tide and reclaim Alexandria while also freeing the Commonwealth’s citizens in the process. With the fight finished, The Walking Dead’s series finale jumped a year into the future and showed what had become of the survivors. As characters like Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Princess (Paola Lázaro) are shown to have settled in at the newly managed Commonwealth, Daryl says goodbye to Carol as he rides out on his own on a mission to find out what’s the wider situation in the apocalypse.

Daryl’s mission will undoubtedly lead him to France, as already revealed to be the setting of his spinoff. Daryl might be headed off to find the cure for the walker virus, something the main show hasn’t greatly touched upon since Eugene’s lied about one existing. The spinoff The Walking Dead: World Beyond revealed that French scientists were most likely responsible for the creation of the virus, and Daryl may find out more information once he gets there.

In World Beyond’s post-credits scene, a female scientist at Biomédicine DDMI, a French research center, was shown watching a recorded message from The Walking Dead’s Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich). The message heavily implies that France was responsible for the start of the zombie apocalypse. Adding to that, a man kills the woman “for what her and her fellow scientists did“. Before dying, the scientist tells the man that if the research center’s team were to resume their work, even after years into the apocalypse, it’s possible that a cure could be found. With The Walking Dead sending Daryl all the way to France, it’s definitely not a coincidence and Daryl may come face to face with the possible answer to stopping the virus once and for all.

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