Which Traits Are Most Common Among DWTS Winners

Charli D’Amelio became the first winner to hold the occupation of social media influencer, and viewers are wondering what traits other Dancing With The Stars champions most commonly share. Charli took the title for season 31 on last week’s finale, and despite her unique employment, something seemed familiar about her victory. Perhaps it was seeing another young woman with a Mirrorball Trophy, or maybe it was seeing Mark Ballas with another victory under his belt. Over the show’s 31 seasons and 17 years of syndication, some victories are bound to look familiar.


The list of Mirrorball Trophy winners were given by Entertainment Tonight, from the very beginning back in 2005 to the present, detailing their partners and professions. With the given information, a hypothetical perfect Mirrorball winner takes shape. Statistically, the star with the highest chance to win DWTS would be an athlete, either an NFL player or an Olympic skater, in their late twenties, and would have a slight edge if they identified as a woman. The data shows that, among the professions of Mirrorball winners, athletes have won more than any other profession. Contestants ages 20-29 are among the age group with the most wins, though just slightly. Women also statistically have an edge over men in the competition, but that edge is just slight as well.

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What Would The Perfect DWTS Winner Look Like?

Iman Shumpert Daniella Karagach Winners DWTS

As for whether a man or woman is more likely to win the DWTS competition, the breakdown is actually quite even. At the end of season 30, an equal fifteen female stars and fifteen male stars had taken home a trophy. With Charli’s recent win, she’s bumped the female stars up to a 52 percent win ratio. Presently, no non-binary contestant has taken home a Mirrorball. As for age ranges, winners of the show range from 16-51 years old, but the majority of winners cluster between 20-39. Winners in their twenties comprise 42 percent of champions with thirteen contestants, and winners in their thirties comprise 35 percent with eleven. Interestingly, five winners were 27 at the time of winning, and four winners were 29, making the late twenties the place to be.

DWTS Winners Have The Same Partners & Professions

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In terms of profession, athletes take the lead with twelve competitors, a five-contestant lead over actors with seven winners. Among the athletes who’ve won, four come from the NFL, while six are Olympians; four skaters, and two gymnasts. The rest of the winners include five TV personalities, four singers, a model, a radio host, and, of course, the TikTok star herself, Charli. A contestant may also be more likely to win depending on their partner. Odds would be high with Derek Hough, who had six wins before becoming a judge. Behind Derek is Mark Ballas, now with three Mirrorballs. Dancers with two wins include Cheryl Burke, Julianne Hough, Kym Johnson, and Peta Murgatroyd, and Val Chmerkovisky.

The data could be skewed for various reasons. One might point out that NFL players are more likely to win than other athletes because American football is the most popular sport in the United States. With football’s popularity, NFL players are more likely to compete in DWTS than professional volleyball players. Similarly, the pool of stars to choose from is only so wide. Most professionals only come from movies, TV, radio, stage, and now streaming.

Though the data reflects one thing or another, the fact of the matter is that, as with any good reality show like DWTS, the winner’s circle is hugely diverse. One of the great appeals of Dancing With The Stars is that any dog can learn new tricks. When celebrities come out of their element to learn ballroom dance, they show audiences around the world that it’s never too late to pick up new talents.

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