Why Does Deacon Sharpe Keep Helping B&B’s Sheila Carter?

Deacon Sharpe has always known how to look out for himself, but he can’t seem to prevent himself from lending aid to serial shooter Sheila Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful. Dude should know better, right?

Deacon Sharpe — Smart Man, Foolish Choices

Soap Hub asked B&B viewers to weigh in on why they think that Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) continues to support Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) since she’s so dangerous.

I Think I Love You

Like the Patridge Family song, Deacon thinks he’s in love with Sheila, according to 21% of you. They’ve spent a lot of time together, and Deacon has learned that there’s more to Sheila than whipping out a pistol and firing it. He can relate to her being an outsider, and it’s simply a case of like attracting like. Or, in this case, love.

Deacon Sharpe Is In Danger

Deacon’s no fool, and he’s not even a fool for love, according to 31% of you. You don’t believe Deacon cares about Sheila. You feel that Deacon cares about himself! If he were to turn on Sheila, she’d turn on him. We’ve seen Sheila many times say that it’s never her fault when something bad happens. So, if Deacon were to turn his back on Sheila, he could end up injured or worse. Deacon keeps his friends close and his homicidal enemies even closer.

Common Sense

The rest of you, 48%, say that Deacon just isn’t using common sense when it comes to Sheila. It wasn’t his fault she disguised herself and shared a romp with the unsuspecting Il Giordano employee. Once Deacon had been intimate with Sheila, he felt bonded to her. He shouldn’t, of course. Sheila not revealing herself to him at first was just another manipulation. And now, Deacon doesn’t even know that his best course of action is to come clean and let people know what Sheila’s been doing. Then again, taking that path might land him back in jail.

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