Why Fans Are Excited For Love Is Blind: Sweden (& Why They’re Not)

Netflix has announced plans to expand the Love Is Blind franchise with Love Is Blind: Sweden. While some fans are excited, others aren’t interested.

Netflix has announced that the Love Is Blind franchise will expand with Love Is Blind: Sweden, but while some viewers are excited that the series is going to Europe, others aren’t sure how the spin-off will fare against the others. Since 2020, the drama and entertainment provided by Love Is Blind has taken Netflix and the Internet by storm. Tasked with trying to establish a lifelong connection with someone they can’t physically see, the first three seasons of Love Is Blind have ended in several marriages, but only a select few remain as of November 2022.


Despite the series’ low success rate, Love Is Blind was renewed through season 5 in early 2022 and has produced two international spin-offs: Love Is Blind: Brazil, which premiered in late 2021, and Love Is Blind: Japan, which aired in February 2022. While Love Is Blind: Brazil wasn’t a hit with fans, Love Is Blind: Japan impressed viewers and was quickly renewed for a second season. Now that Netflix has taken Love Is Blind to North America, South America, and Asia, they’ll travel to Northern Europe next once the casting call has closed. The announcement of Love Is Blind: Sweden has gathered mixed reactions among Reddit users in a thread by u/vintagesassypenguin.

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European Fans Are Excited To Watch Love Is Blind: Sweden

Fans of the original American Love Is Blind series were particularly interested in the cultural differences highlighted on Love Is Blind: Japan, and although other popular reality series like Love Island and Big Brother are filmed in places like the United Kingdom and Spain, Sweden isn’t heavily represented. Now that Love Is Blind: Sweden is about to introduce Sweden to a national audience, however, European viewers, especially from other Nordic countries like Finland, are excited to see their demographic on-screen. “I will finally be feeling seen! I am incredibly awkward Dutchie and Dane!” one person celebrated, while another joked, “Love is blonde!”

Some Fans Worry Love Is Blind: Sweden Might Be Boring

While marriage is the ultimate goal of Love Is Blind, the series has become more known for the amount of drama its cast members provide. That being said, some Love Is Blind fans in North America and Europe alike have predicted that unlike the dramatic fallout of Raven Ross and SK Alagbada, Love Is Blind: Sweden might be so wholesome that it’ll become a bore. “People from Sweden are totally different from people in the US, and I just think the LIB concept won’t work well here AT ALL,” one Swedish Love Is Blind fan wrote, while another reasoned, “Sweden is such a liberal country with values that comes with it. There’s literally no stakes in this game.”

What Interested Fans Hope To See On Love Is Blind: Sweden

Although Love Is Blind fans have mixed reactions toward Love Is Blind: Sweden, that hasn’t stopped them from expressing what they hope to see from the future international spin-off. Several Reddit users wrote that they hope it becomes more successful than the American and Brazilian Love Is Blind adaptions, but want the show to still provide a healthy mix of love and entertainment like fan favorites Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton. In addition, fans don’t just want Love Is Blind: Sweden to cast individuals who aren’t social media influencers, but are already speculating whether Netflix will expand the franchise even further to places like the United Kingdom and India. While Love Is Blind: Sweden is still in its early stages, Love Is Blind fans already have a lot to say about the future series.

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