Why Love Is Blind Fans Say Zanab Jaffrey Is Obsessed With Cole Barnett

Although Zanab Jaffrey rejected Cole Barnett at the altar on Love Is Blind season 3, fans think that despite their split over a year ago, Zanab is still obsessed with Cole. Zanab and Cole sparked a connection in the Love Is Blind pods, and although the two had opposite personalities, they felt enough butterflies to get engaged. Despite their strong start, Zanab and Cole’s relationship began to develop cracks as quickly as their honeymoon. While Cole’s immaturity was on full display, Zanab was criticized for being passive-aggressive.


In the end, Zanab and Cole didn’t get married Love Is Blind season 3 and instead went through a messy breakup that dominated the dramatic reunion special. Since Zanab and Cole’s relationship was heavily scrutinized after Netflix released a deleted scene between the two, Zanab has regularly thrown shade at Cole online, while Cole has stayed relatively silent. While Cole has appeared to move on from his failed engagement, Zanab’s social media posts, particularly on TikTok, have gained the attention of Love Is Blind fans like u/lxvesickreality from Reddit, who thinks Zanab’s constant digs reveal an unhealthy obsession with Cole.

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I’m shook about something Zanab posted from LoveIsBlindOnNetflix

Zanab Jaffrey Implied She Met With Cole Barnett’s Ex-Wife

Although it was barely mentioned on the show, Cole was married before he applied for Love Is Blind season 3. In the pods, Cole told Zanab that he married young and got divorced soon after, similar to fellow Love Is Blind star, Matt Bolton. While nothing is known publicly about Cole’s ex-wife, Zanab sent Love Is Blind fans wild when she took a jab at him on TikTok with, “You’re in my comments/mentions/DMs about him. I’m having coffee with his ex-wife.” Zanab left Cole’s name out, but it was clear that he was the person in question, and Love Is Blind fans immediately slammed Zanab for unnecessarily crossing a clear boundary. “[Zanab] needs to find a hobby,” one Reddit user wrote, while several others commented that Cole “dodged a bullet.”

Zanab Jaffrey ‘Apologized’ To Cole Barnett (& The Internet)

Zanab’s latest Instagram post from LoveIsBlindOnNetflix

Although Zanab declared that she “choose[s] her words carefully and stand by everything I said,” Zanab deleted several sarcastic non-apologies to Cole, on Instagram after she was heavily criticized for her behavior which was reshared by u/ToughGodzilla on Reddit. After Zanab was accused of trying to manipulate and gaslight Cole at the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion, Zanab continued to double down online and passive-aggressively wrote to Cole, “I know you know what you did. It’s ok if you aren’t ready to talk about that yet.” Zanab’s long-winded Instagram caption infuriated Love Is Blind viewers, who thought that the post was unnecessary and lacked accountability, especially since Cole had yet to make any statements about Zanab at the time.

Zanab Jaffrey & Cole Barnett Broke Up Almost Two Years Ago

Despite all the controversy Zanab has continued to drag Cole into after Love Is Blind season 3, the pair were only together for no more than two months in mid-2021. The latest season of Love Is Blind was filmed for roughly eight weeks and wrapped by June 2021; while co-stars Raven Ross and SK Alagbada recently split, Zanab and Cole’s relationship ended over a year and a half ago. Despite their short time together, Zanab has continued to throw allegations and jabs at Cole, which is why Love Is Blind fans think Zanab is obsessed with him. In a Reddit thread started by u/Flimsy-Grocery-1008, one fan wrote, “Dude she seriously got to stop. How can someone still be so obsessed over something that happened more than a year ago?” While Zanab continues to bash Cole online, viewers are looking forward to Love Is Blind season 4.

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