Why Love Is Blind Fans Think Raven Ross Could Be The Next Bachelorette

Although Love Is Blind season 3 stars Raven Ross and SK Alagbada recently split, some fans already think that Raven could appear on The Bachelorette.

Raven Ross’ relationship with SK Alagbada recently went down in flames after Love Is Blind season 3 ended, but fans of the Netflix series already think that Raven should be considered to lead The Bachelorette season 20. When Raven was initially introduced in Love Is Blind season 3, viewers weren’t impressed by her personality or inappropriately-timed workouts. As the season continued and her relationship with SK progressed, fans rooted for the couple and hoped that they would ultimately tie the knot. Although Raven and SK didn’t get married at the end of Love Is Blind season 3, they continued to date off-camera.


Unfortunately, Raven and SK’s relationship didn’t last as long as Love Is Blind fans predicted it would. In mid-November, SK was publicly accused of infidelity, and by November 20, Raven and SK became the next Love Is Blind couple to split. Although SK has announced that he plans to sue his accusers for defamation, Raven has appeared to quickly move on and recently uploaded behind-the-scenes snaps of an event on Instagram. Although Raven didn’t reveal what the mysterious opportunity was, Love Is Blind fans immediately began to speculate that Raven was being considered for The Bachelorette after she posed with a flower that resembled ABC’s typical promotional pose.

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Many Love Is Blind Fans Would Watch Raven On The Bachelorette

Although Raven’s first impression didn’t land well with viewers, many Instagram users, who have taken Raven’s side in her now-former relationship, think she would make an excellent Bachelorette, especially since she would be the first Love Is Blind contestant to crossover onto another series. Fans of Raven, who redeemed herself on Love Is Blind season 3, think that her self-assured and confident personality would come across well on The Bachelorette, even if the possibility is unlikely. “If this means you’re going to be on The Bachelorette I will officially watch for the first time in my life,” one Instagram user wrote on Raven’s post, while another excitedly commented, “If you’re the next Bachelorette ABC is SMART!”

Other Love Is Blind Fans Don’t Want Raven As The Next Bachelorette

While Instagram users love the idea of Raven on The Bachelorette, Love Is Blind fans on Reddit aren’t as convinced. Although Reddit users, who quickly noticed Raven’s flower, discussed the idea in a thread started by u/Just_Insurance9166, most agreed that while Raven is no Love Is Blind villain like Zanab Jaffrey, her presence isn’t strong enough to lead The Bachelorette. “I think [Raven would] be a boring bachelorette,” one person wrote in a heavily-upvoted comment, while one passionate fan of The Bachelorette reasoned, “Anyone who actually watches [The Bachelorette] religiously knows Raven becoming the bachelorette out of nowhere would never happen.”

What’s Next For Love Is Blind’s Raven After Her Split From SK?

While Raven would bring a lot of Love Is Blind fans over to ABC as the next lead, it’s highly unlikely that Raven was selected for The Bachelorette season 20. Raven and SK’s untimely end surprised many Love Is Blind fans who were in disbelief when SK was accused of infidelity, but despite their dramatic end, Raven has already begun to embrace the single life. Although this has led to some speculation that Raven and SK faked their relationship, Raven has been busy with her pilates career and social media presence since Love Is Blind season 3 ended. Although Raven’s Instagram post interested fans of The Bachelorette, they’ll have to wait and see who will hold ABC’s rose next.

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