Why LPBW Fans Are Mocking Audrey Roloff’s ‘Granola’ Christmas

Little People, Big World fans are picking apart Audrey Roloff’s joyless Christmas idea, after she posted updates to social media ahead of Dec 25.

Even though it is the most festive time of the year, Little People, Big World fans are not above finding fault with Audrey Roloff’s holiday plans. The mother of three has been on fans’ radars for years, thanks to her over-the-top social media posts. While Audrey and Jeremy claim that they want more privacy, they have a funny way of showing it.

The couple left Little People, Big World in 2018, saying that they wanted to have more private time away from the cameras. Flash forward to today, and Audrey is a whiz at posting constant updates about her husband and three children. While she often tries to push her book or marriage journals, the redhead also posts a lot about being a mother of three. Many fans see her posts as bragging, and there are those who also feel that she is trying to hold onto her 15 minutes of fame.


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Audrey Is Ruining Christmas

Audrey and Jeremy are nothing if not consistent. Little People, Big World fans took to Reddit to comment on Audrey’s controversial Instagram post, which had her talking about a very, “granola” Christmas. U/redheadedaries shared Audrey’s recent Instagram Story, where the TLC star asked fans to imagine a Christmas with raw milk eggnog and bone broth hot chocolate. Fans were up in arms, as they blasted Audrey for being exhausting. One said that her idea of holiday spirit sounded like, “torture,” with that person adding that they would rather be, “waterboarded.”

Audrey Does The Oregon Trail

Audrey Roloff LPBW posing outdoors wavy hair smiling

The comments kept zinging Audrey and her unconventional ways. Many noted that it seemed like the mother of three was trying to recreate the pioneer days, with one follower writing, “let’s wash our clothes in the river, contract dysentery or consumption, and rejoice in an average life expectancy of below 50.” While people may have had these festive treats in the 1800s, viewers couldn’t help but feel bad for Jeremy and Audrey’s children (Ember, Bode, and Radley), who surely won’t be seeing any candy canes in their stockings this year.

While it was easy for Little People, Big World fans to mock in jest, many pointed out that Audrey and Jeremy have hosted numerous super-spreaders. Sadly, no matter how much raw milk the Roloff family drinks, it probably won’t stop them from falling ill. Many thread participants couldn’t help but wonder if Audrey is even aware of how much damage the virus can do. Audrey and her husband are very fundamental in their Christian beliefs, leaving followers to be thankful that they won’t have to endure adrenal cocktails and dye-free sourdough cookies. Sadly, even Santa may pass on the milk and cookies that she provides.

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