Why Married At First Sight Expert Dr. Viviana Coles Left The Show

Dr. Viviana Coles was on Married at First Sight for the last 7 seasons. Here’s why she’s leaving, and what to expect from her career in the future.

Married at First Sight‘s Dr. Viviana Coles did not return for the most recent season, and fans want to know why. Viviana was a staple in the series since MAFS season 9, and fans are curious about why she decided to depart from the show. Has she moved on from the show for good, or will she return in the future?

Viviana entered the series as an expert in MAFS season 9, replacing former expert Dr. Jessica Griffin, who famously left the show after getting engaged to former contestant Jonathan Francetic from MAFS season 6. Jessica claimed that her relationship had nothing to do with her leaving the series. Viviana, an author, mom, and relationship/sex therapist, has a lot going on in her life. She enjoyed being on the show, and fans loved her due to her kind attitude and straightforward advice. Fans will miss her presence on the show but look forward to learning more about her life post-MAFS.


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What Dr. Viviana Coles Said About Her MAFS Decision

Following the three-hour MAFS season 15 premiere in July, fans took to social media to discuss the newest Married at First Sight episode. One thing that people immediately noticed was the absence of Viviana. After many people asked her why she was no longer participating in the show, Married at First Sight alum Viviana released an official statement on Instagram about her departure.

Viviana Is Focused On Her Career After MAFS

It seems as though Vivana is leaving the show on good terms with production and fellow experts, without any hard feelings. She expressed gratitude for her time on the show and wholeheartedly believes in the MAFS process. However, she decided to leave in order to go on tour and promote her book, The 4 Intimacy Styles: The Key to Lasting Physical Intimacy, which was published in May 2021. With MAFS‘ Viviana’s own private practice as a sex and relationship therapist, as well as her demanding schedule as an author, she’s promoted her book on several podcasts and attended readings and book signings, Vivana doesn’t appear to have time in her busy schedule to commit to filing Married at First Sight season 15.

Vivana will be leaving behind original expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz, who has been on the show since MAFS season 1, and pastor Cal Roberts, who has been a part of the show since MAFS season 4. Fans responded to the news with a mix of disappointment that that she will no longer be featured and excitement over her next steps. She made it clear that her mission of helping others to find success in their relationships continues. Following her absence, the series welcomed new experts Dr. Pia Holec, a sex and couples therapist, and DeVon Franklin, a Hollywood producer, pastor, and motivational speaker.

It seems Vivana is ready to bring her energy beyond the Married at First Sight couples in order to help more people around the world. Through her book, therapist duties, partnership with various health and wellness projects, and large social media following, she makes a difference. Fans want to keep an eye on Vivana and see what she accomplishes next.

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