Why Sister Wives’ Christine Wouldn’t ‘Wish’ Her Marriage To Kody On Anyone

Christine Brown of Sister Wives has revealed to viewers that she wouldn’t wish her 26-year marriage to ex-husband Kody Brown on anyone.

Christine Brown is letting Sister Wives fans know just how hard it was to be married to Kody Brown, noting she wouldn’t wish her toxic marriage on anyone. The mother of six chose to leave the patriarch in November 2021 and hasn’t looked back. Currently, Christine is living her best life back in Utah, surrounded by friends and family. It’s clear she has no regrets about ending her relationship with Kody.

During a recent episode of Sister Wives, Christine opened up about her marriage to Kody, sharing it was never perfect. The newly single Christine revealed that while pondering whether she should leave her unhappy spiritual union, she noticed herself thinking that she wouldn’t wish this type of marriage on “any friend of mine.” The entire conversation was held in front of Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, leaving Christine feeling cornered and attacked. Kody’s emotional outbursts solidified that she had not been in a healthy relationship for an extremely long time.


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Kody Brown’s Dramatic Statements Don’t Help

Kody Brown from Sister Wives season 17 folding his arms

It was clear to Sister Wives fans why Christine would have been turned off by her relationship with Kody, especially after his excessive ranting and yelling. The father of 18 made sure to get his side of the story in while TLC cameras rolled as he told Christine that she was only interested in the family, not “the man.” While Kody noted he was living in his angry place, he called out his former wife, revealing a particular reason why he was struggling.

Sister Wives viewers were impressed to see Christine maintain her composure as Kody ripped into her, yelling about how he felt as if she was a failed investment. The comparison came across as callous, with Kody possibly not grasping that none of his wives are monetary investments but actual human beings he claims to love. Kody went a step further and screamed out that he had been “knifed in the kidneys,” leaving his four wives and fans cringing.

It isn’t hard for Sister Wives viewers to believe that Christine made the right decision when it comes to leaving Kody and the rest of the wives behind. Currently, Christine is thriving in her new location and even revealed that TLC has started filming in her new home. This could mean that the family has already signed up to participate in another season where there will undoubtedly be more blowups from Kody, especially if Christine ever decides to date someone new.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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