Yellowstone: Are Beth & Jamie Finally Teaming Up?

Yellowstone’s Beth and Jamie rivalry has gone on for far too long – but they could finally team up because of one shared goal they have for the ranch.

In Yellowstone season 5, there’s evidence to suggest that long-time rivals Beth and Jamie could finally team up against John Dutton. Yellowstone‘s Beth vs Jamie rivalry goes back to their teen years, when Jamie inadvertently had Beth sterilized when he accompanied her to get an abortion. They have been at odds since then, but in what seems to be the final season of Yellowstone, Beth and Jamie could finally put their differences aside and put their heads together for a common goal.


Yellowstone season 5, episode 7, “The Dream Is Not Me,” is where many of the clues regarding Beth and Jamie’s possible team-up can be observed. Beth admonishes John for his bad business decisions while Jamie gets convinced by Sarah Atwood to impeach John and push for a special election for governor. In the preview for the mid-season finale episode, a bloodied Jamie tells Beth that, “the greatest threat to that ranch is our father… so I will remove the threat.” Beth and Jamie’s Yellowstone rivalry could finally end in season 5 when they realize that they have a similar goal: saving the family business.

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Can Jamie Really Impeach John In Yellowstone?

Yellowstone Montana governor impeachment rules number of votes house representatives

It is entirely possible for Jamie to impeach John in Yellowstone as, in the state of Montana, any top government official can be impeached if two-thirds of the House of Representatives vote in favor of the action. With help from Ellis Steele, Sarah Atwood, and possibly, even Beth, Montana Attorney General Jamie Dutton could secure the necessary votes in order to begin impeaching Governor John Dutton. In Yellowstone season 5, John has been acting on the presumption that he won’t be running for a second term, and he’s been unafraid of making unpopular decisions. This means that Jamie may just get the votes he needs to remove John as governor and then run for the office in a special election – especially if he has Beth’s support.

Considering Beth’s own personal goals, this could really be the last chapter in the history of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In the past, Beth has admitted to not caring about what happens to the ranch, and that she’s only been fighting for the sake of her father. However, after finally realizing John’s incompetence as a businessman and blind devotion to ranching as a lifestyle, Beth began taking over the business side of the ranch’s operations in an effort to make more money. Essentially, Sarah Atwood and Beth have similar goals – maximizing the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch’s business potential. Though it seems that nothing can make Beth set aside her anger for Jamie, the possibility of making millions of dollars for herself and her father – thus saving the ranch in her own way – could convince her to at least take a break from their rivalry and get onboard John’s impeachment.

Will The Duttons Get Split In Half In Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2?

Yellowstone is John Dutton getting impeached

As Governor John Dutton’s conservation easement plans for the ranch didn’t sit well with Beth or Jamie, it could trigger a schism within the Dutton family, which could become the fulcrum of the plot of Yellowstone season 5, part 2. It may seem unlikely, but if Jamie, Sarah, and Ellis Steele play their cards right, they may just recruit Beth to their cause. This group may even end up supporting the federal government’s plans to put a gas pipeline through and under the water reservoir of the Confederated Tribes of Broken Rock’s ancestral domain. If this happens, John Dutton would likely retain the support of Kayce, Monica, and Senator Perry, who is allied with Chief Thomas Rainwater and Mo against the pipeline. Angela Blue-Thunder may even end up giving Chief Rainwater another chance to prove his worth. In this fight, only Rip – Beth’s wife and John’s right-hand man – would find it difficult to choose a side.

The Yellowstone season 5 cast could split in half through the machinations of Sarah Atwood, whose presence has put the billionaire land developers at Market Equities much closer to their goals of turning Paradise Valley into a giant tourist trap. While seducing Jamie wasn’t exactly difficult for a woman like Sarah, whether she can get Beth on their side will be the real test of Sarah’s abilities. Sarah Atwood’s greatest trick could be fooling audiences into thinking that she’s just another seductive femme fatale. In truth, she’s a power broker for billion-dollar deals. Though Jamie was just the warm-up, Sarah may find it even easier to seduce Beth with what she truly wants: power. Indeed, the clues regarding the possible end of the Dutton ranch in Yellowstone season 5 could be leading to a simple but powerful conclusion: Beth and Jamie finally working together towards their shared goal of saving the ranch from John Dutton.

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